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Taijaun, an internet entrepreneur who grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, is utilizing his abilities to teach people how to make money in the digital era. Taijaun is the founder of his own web design company, “Solutified,” whose aim is to help websites convert higher by creating a beautiful online experience. He is incredibly enthusiastic about his profession and would not have it any other way. It’s been a long and enlightening trip thus far, and Taijaun is eager to take his company to even greater heights.

At “Solutified” he and his team pride themselves on being the “blue ocean” of web designers. They are completely transparent and break everything down in an easy enough way for someone to understand and establish trust in their skills. Many people think that a “pretty” website will get the job done, but that is not the case, there is a lot that goes into the whole process and “Solutified” takes care of it all with their Hybrid-Hierarchy Website model.

Not only is Taijaun the owner of “Solutified” but he also teaches individuals how to make money online via his course – $0 to $10k creating simple Shopify stores. “I have a course with over 1,500+ students in it where I teach anyone how they can go from $0-$10,000, via creating simple Shopify stores. As well as putting out an endless amount of free content via my YouTube Channel,” says Taijaun.

Clearly a jack of all online trades, Taijaun looks to continue his success in the online business space. He has two extremely solid gigs going for him and now all that’s left to do is build. It is going to be exciting to see the heights that this young entrepreneur reaches. And if one thing is for sure, he has every intention of aiming for the top.

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