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Property ownership is one of the best ways to make money in GTA Online. Many properties give players passive income for doing absolutely nothing.

Along with that, properties act as a place for players to live, stash their supplies, and store their vehicles. Property ownership also opens up new missions that they can do as property owners to make money.

When players require a lot of money quickly, selling properties can be a great way to acquire it. But can players sell properties in GTA Online? Yes they can, but not in the traditional way.

How to sell properties in GTA Online

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Players cannot directly sell properties in GTA Online, but what they can do is exchange them.

If they exchange an expensive property with a cheaper one, players will recover the cost of the expensive property and pay a small amount for the cheap one. For example, exchanging an eight million yacht for a two million dollar apartment will get six million dollars in the player’s wallet.

To maximize profits, always exchange one’s property with Popular Street Unit 124 Garage as it is the cheapest property in the game going for only $25,000.

The Dynasty 8 website can be found in the in-game browser (image via GTAWiki) <img class="lazy-img" width="800" height="612" data-img="" alt="The Dynasty 8 website can be found in the in-game browser (image via GTAWiki)" data-img-low="" src="data:image/svg+xml,”>
The Dynasty 8 website can be found in the in-game browser (image via GTAWiki)

To exchange properties, players will need to open the in-game browser and go to Dynasty 8’s website.

When players are there, they must choose from the list of properties that can be bought and opt for the cheapest one. After that, select the property they want to sell. Once the exchange is confirmed, the excess amount will be added to the player’s wallet.

Exchanging properties can also be a great way to safely store money. If players don’t want to risk having so much money in their bank account, they can invest it into a property and exchange it for a price of $25,000 and get the money back when needed.

If players are using this method, they should buy “useless” properties like apartments and yachts, basically anything that doesn’t bring in any revenue.

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